James & Barbara’s


. . .

I knew how amazing Barbara and James’ wedding was going to be since the moment they mentioned releasing doves. Knowing Barbara had impeccable style, I was excited to see how amazingly beautiful and special their big day would be. Not only did Barbara’s creative flair decorate the venue absolutely beautifully, but her wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses were absolutely stunning.

You could just tell by how Barbara and James looked at each other, that they are just so meant to be. The day was full of beautiful emotion and bountiful amounts of love. James’ love for his wife Barbara, and her daughter Catherine, is simply something.

The couples faith played a large part within their wedding day and their stylistic references to the bible, and God were a beautiful touch for involving the Church within their wedding reception.

The beautiful setting of Chesterfield Downs Golf & Country Club provided us with beautiful backdrops and scenery for the photos!

I absolutely loved photographing their day, the love James and Barbara have for each other is simply wonderful to see. It was such a wonderful day to be a part of with the couples friends and family, and I enjoyed every single second. Thank you both for choosing me to join you and capture your big day.